Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Hardwood Flooring Or Carpets

The choice between hardwood floor or carpets is an option which more and more people are facing today. While carpet is undoubtedly a cosy choice, there are many great reasons for selecting hardwood flooring to your own project.

In the last few decades, contemporary developments and renovation jobs likewise have been veering more toward hardwood floor than carpet due to the contemporary and stylish look it offers.

Although weekly carpet cleaning can be performed efficiently and effectively with a normal vacuum cleaner, heavy cleaning of carpeting is a more comprehensive and specialist occupation than thorough cleaning of hardwood floors. Deep cleanup of hardwood floors can be easily and effectively carried out using a damp mop and an proper floor cleaner (if it's actually needed).

From the hardwood floor or carpet argument, hardwood floors is recognized as an especially attractive solution for anyone suffering from dust related allergies, even since hardwood floors do not hold dust particles such as carpeting does. This means is that allergy sufferers can reside in the reassurance that they are not living in an environment which can aggravate their condition.

Hardwood floors are really popular with pet owners too. Anyone with pets will be only too aware of the advantages provided by hardwood floors versus carpeting. Cat and cat hairs as well as muddy footprints and"little accidents" and bugs can be easily and effectively vacuumed and mopped away with no long lingering hints or nasty, tell-tale smells or odours.

Thus, if you're someone who likes to change your interior regularly in addition to keeping ahead with hygiene, then the selection between hardwood flooring and rug is a no-brainer for you. At the end of the evening, using a carpet, the sole option to modify the appearance of your flooring is to alter the carpeting, with a hardwood flooring, you can colour it, stain it, distress age or it it, the choices are enormous.

Finally, although in itself, not always a fantastic reason to choose hardwood flooring over carpet, there are strong signs that by choosing hardwood flooring for your house, you could see an increase in (at least) its saleability, and most likely its value.

Friday, 10 January 2020

2 Reasons Why You Should Get New Floors

Brand-new wood floors can make a difference. Now that the holidays are behind us, you can expect not to have to host any more events. That is the reason why there is no time like the present to find some new floors.

Decreasing Allergy Concerns

Everybody is allergic to something distinct. 1 approach to create your house more comfortable in the new year would be to handle any possible allergens which are lurking in your flooring. As an instance, do you understand what dust mites are? They're little critters who reside in your house with you. They prefer to collect in areas like mattresses, rugs, and furniture, in which they are not as likely to be detected and upset. Though they only live for a couple of months at a time, they could make life miserable for you and your loved ones.

Your pets are adorable, but they are also responsible for the dander on your home. Dander seems like a funny word, but it's to do with something serious. Pet allergies may save you from enjoying the company of cute budding pals. Wooden floors are more resistant to the presence of rust, and it won't stick around as long, either.

Pesticides can also enter your house without you realizing it. They may be tracked in by the shoes that everyone comes within the house sporting. Because of this, you should resolve to make it a brand new home rule that everybody takes their shoes when they cross the threshold.

Earning Cleanup Much Easier

One thing you ought to know about the installation procedure for this type of flooring is that it won't rid your home of allergens. Maintaining the flooring is just as critical as making sure that they are installed the correct way the first time. Avoid exposing your flooring to too much moisture. Whenever You have some questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the pros here at Floor Sanding Greenwich throughout 2020!

Hardwood Flooring from Floor Sanding Greenwich

At Floor Sanding Greenwich Our dedication to quality setup is apparent from all we do, and that explains precisely why our clients consistently rate us as one of the best builders in the region.If you are prepared to talk with someone concerning your hardwood floors job, we wish to hear from you! Get in touch with us 020 3151 1780 or send us a message here.

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Thursday, 29 August 2019


It may occur that you have just finished a new flooring job at your house and watch it, marvelling in the results, and you suddenly discover a blot that spoils everything. It's a disaster (so you believe ). It's definitely true to say that you may require a very helpful hand of a professional in the event of major stains. However, in regards to many kinds of stains, you can definitely manage removing them yourself. What you need is just a handful of helpful tips for flooring stain removal, which we've put together for you in this report.

Preventing stain formation onto the Ground

But before we proceed to hardwood flooring stain removal, remember 1 thing we constantly worry: prevention is always better than cure. You may always take certain precautionary steps which can help you stop the creation of stains, or even whether it is too late, ease the practice of stain removal, so it's suitable and requires little effort as possible. An essential factor in preventing stains in your own engineered or solid hardwood floors is to guarantee the flooring has the ideal finish appropriate to its place in the home. Because of this the fans of floors that look more natural frequently opt to get an oiled flooring. Regardless of which one you pick, always be certain that you determine whether the finish on your floor is in a fantastic state of repair this can help save you money and time you'd otherwise have to invest on stain removal.

Our second tip that'll prove helpful in decreasing the probability of damage and stains to your floor is getting a top notch doormat. Thanks to some proper doormat no grit, dirt and dust will be drawn to the home. By preventing that you not only make sure that your flooring always looks clean and tidy, but also avoid damage to the surface -- grime can function as an abrasive element, damaging the floor finish and so making it much easier for any possible stains for deeper into the floor construction.

Normal floor cleaning

The next thing you want to remember is routine cleaning. Always check the manufacturer's instructions or ask your flooring supplier for advice about cleaning products and methods suitable for this specific flooring type. In the case of the majority of wooden floors, you need to vacuum the floor on a regular basis, a couple of times a week, then clean it with a damp cloth. Remember to clean it completely, not to leave any dirt or staining. This will reduce the danger of ingrained discoloration of your flooring and will prevent scratches and dents due to the accumulated dirt.

But, no matter how hard you try and watch over the ground, you just can't prevent discoloration. Stains will happen from time to time and you simply need to deal with it. But, here's our advice on How Best to handle them the Perfect way:

Grease stains on the Ground

Fat or dirt stains in your own floor can be treated, by quickly heating the grease using ice (in a bag),
which can reduce its temperature and allow it to solidify. Then, you'll have to scratch it off using a blunt, rounded tool.

Wine stains on the floor

Stains left after somebody has spilt alcohol onto a wooden floor ought to be managed with warm water, a soft (e.g. cotton) cloth and a mild detergent. Stains of this sort can be eliminated with ease, by simply wiping the floor lightly with a cloth dipped in a weak solution of the detergent. This advice is also beneficial in the case of fruit and lipstick stains on your wooden floor.

Blood spots on the floor

In the case of blood stains, for instance from cuts on the finger or foot, the best way to handle them is cold water. More acute stains may require applying additional pressure, but in general this straightforward and not very demanding method is very effective, leaving your floor without any traces of a mishap.

Eliminating shoe scuffs

If you're attempting to eliminate shoe scuffs, our advice is to get a large rubber or eraser. This very simple item, which everyone of us must have in their house, will do the trick, leaving your flooring impeccably clean.

And a simple and very effective stain removal procedure which will definitely prove extremely helpful in the event of families with children. Anyone with little children has probably faced a situation where your little one chose to use crayons to draw lovely pictures on everything around them, including your wooden floor. Don' wring your hands -- just use a little bit of toothpaste, applying in on a soft cloth. And there you are, that the stain is still gone.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Dress your house to impress at parties

What greater reason to bring those additional finishing touches to your house that to impress in you are next gathering? Whether you are planning a hopping dance-party or an elaborate dinner for some friends, you need people to be amazed with this venue. It is all part of making the proper sense to make certain your visitors go away with fantastic memories of the evening.

There is a good deal to do before, during and after a party so that you would like to pick a flooring alternative that does not add much for your workload. Vinyl is one of the most reassuring and hassle-free selections out there.


When the party comes to your house, the very last thing on your head should be your flooring. You don't want to be the shoe police position from the front door all night asking people to lose the footwear. Placing your guests at a bad mood by deconstructing their carefully chosen outfit the moment they arrive isn't the best way to kick things off.

Luckily, this is where vinyl actually comes in it's own. It is durable and super-easy to clean. It does not stain like carpet or scrape like wood. Plus, it comes at a seemingly endless array of colours and patterns when you operate with a huge supplier like Quick-step. You and your guests don't have to go barefoot to ensure that your flooring appears just as great after your big night as it did earlier.

Making life simple

Fitting vinyl is straightforward. You might have enough to do planning your event so you could get an expert in to aid you. However, with Quick-step's patented'Uniclic Multifit' for Livyn click system and Livyn underlays, doing it yourself is certainly an alternative. You could choose flooring now, purchase online and receive it in three to five working days. Get going with fitting straight away and you'll be done before nearly all of your guests've even gotten into sending their RSVP.

Spend your money on other things

Having a party to budget for, another big plus for vinyl is it stacks up as a bit less expensive than many other flooring options. It feels and looks fantastic but at a much lower cost, so you may spend your cash on maximising the fun in your event.

Monday, 29 October 2018


Wooden flooring is employed in several of homes throughout the nation. Not only is hardwood floors more functional and lasting compared to carpers, but it also provides a feeling of splendour to homes and gives the d├ęcor a bit of class. Another advantages to hardwood floors is it will suit just about any furniture design.

Here are a Couple of reasons why you should select wooden flooring:

- Carpets have become known as a breeding ground for allergens, dust particles and fleas, which may bring health complications later on.

- Engineered flooring is extremely easy to keep and clean. It is sturdy and may be used for several years to come.

- When a board or a part of the wooden flooring is scratched or damaged, an individual can polish this, or reseal it with self coloured putty. One can't do this with ceramic tiles or other kinds of floorings.

Things to Remember when utilizing hardwood floors 

- When cleaning wooden flooring, use a cleaning medium that is soft and doesn't damage the floors.

- Hardwood floors has to be guarded against stains and scratches.

Wooden flooring needs care, so make sure that you clean between its ridges from time to time and also have it polished as a way to keep it shining bright.

Friday, 28 September 2018


Whether you are designing a home from scratch or simply making some changes to one you live in, bamboo floors is worthy of consideration. It is somewhat odd to think about bamboo floors at first, since it conjures pictures of loosely woven branches, but this isn't the sort of bamboo that's used.

Bamboo is actually a very solid wood, making it an superb choice for a floor. It is as hard as maple and harder than red oak, hence pets and shoes should not have too much of an effect.

Bamboo is also less susceptible to the buckling which sometimes affects a timber flooring. Buckling comes about when the wood absorbs moisture and expands. Similarly, when moisture is lost, the wood may shrink, possibly leaving gaps between boards. Bamboo is less influenced by moisture compared to other woods which goes a way towards combating this.

Another great benefit of bamboo is that it is more environmentally friendly than many other woods. It is fast growing, meaning trees can be replaced more quickly. The harvesting of bamboo can take place as frequently as every five years, so there is less environment effect in choosing it to your floor.

Friday, 31 August 2018


It can be tricky to attain the results which you locate at a showroom when it comes to hardwood floors. Most of the time, people who attempt to put in hardwood floors themselves are extremely disappointed with the final product since it has not turned out how they expected or how they have seen other hardwood floors done.

This is why it's so crucial to call in the pros when laying hardwood floors in your home. Although hardwood flooring is acceptable for almost any room in any home, there are different procedures for installation along with different types of wood that are suited to various locations inside your home.

When choosing hardwood flooring for your home, it is imperative that you obtain an expert opinion about the best way to progress with the setup of your hardwood flooring. They may offer you advice on the kind of wood and whether you may need to have underlay installed and whether the timber you have decided on will be hardwearing and durable enough for the room in which it is going to be set up.

You cannot go wrong once you consult with the pros as they know everything there is to know about hardwood floors.