Friday, 28 September 2018


Whether you are designing a home from scratch or simply making some changes to one you live in, bamboo floors is worthy of consideration. It is somewhat odd to think about bamboo floors at first, since it conjures pictures of loosely woven branches, but this isn't the sort of bamboo that's used.

Bamboo is actually a very solid wood, making it an superb choice for a floor. It is as hard as maple and harder than red oak, hence pets and shoes should not have too much of an effect.

Bamboo is also less susceptible to the buckling which sometimes affects a timber flooring. Buckling comes about when the wood absorbs moisture and expands. Similarly, when moisture is lost, the wood may shrink, possibly leaving gaps between boards. Bamboo is less influenced by moisture compared to other woods which goes a way towards combating this.

Another great benefit of bamboo is that it is more environmentally friendly than many other woods. It is fast growing, meaning trees can be replaced more quickly. The harvesting of bamboo can take place as frequently as every five years, so there is less environment effect in choosing it to your floor.

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